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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! Okay, so the first half of tonight’s Double Eviction night was fucking perfect. That cocky son of a bitch Matt got sent home. The second half? Couldn’t have gone worse. The only houseguest remaining that I still liked was evicted: Brendon. He almost won the HoH, but lost it to Hayden. Then he was put up as a “pawn” against Ragan. Had Brendon won that Veto or if Ragan (or Britney) lost their chance at it, Brendon would most likely still be standing. But, of course the worst possible thing happened; Ragan won veto and promptly took himself off. Britney took his place and everyone voted to evict Brendon 3 to 0. So now that the house is comprised of people that are… meh and people that I can’t fucking STAND; I’d say that out of all of them I want Enzo to win the most, followed by Hayden and then Lane. I won’t even add Britney or Ragan to this list because I absolutely despise them and do not want them to win AT ALL. I want them both to lose more than I want anyone else to win. If there were just losers and non-winners, that would be fine with me. But how would that work? Well, nothing would happen to the non-winners and then the losers would be subjected to non-stop Brenchel exposure! Yaaaaaay!

Despite all the Brendon, Rachel and Brenchel hate amongst 95% of Big Brother’s total fan base, I am a proud member of Team Brendon, Rachel and Brenchel. All you haters can suck it. Seriously, you must be on something to think Britney, Ragan and Matt are cool. They just suck, actually.

Now, I could say shit like “I’m not gonna watch this show anymore since my favorite houseguest was evicted,” and I have and I probably still will; but I won’t actually stop. I love and respect the show (itself) too much to stop. I didn’t stop in season 10 when Brian got evicted and he went out week one. That season was pretty bad in general, but at least Dan came out the winner.

I’m going on a tangent now. Anyway, I hope Enzo wins and that Britney and Ragan eat shit.

Someone should clue Brendon in on the fact that he’s hot and should take his clothes off. For real.



Okay, I’m sorry to pull a Britney about Britney, but seriously. Someone get that tramp out of the house. She’s seriously the most annoying and hateful houseguest I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. Right now she’s on her little “talk show” thinking that what she says actually matters and that people give a shit. If I have to endure this cock-eyed bitch for much longer, I’m going to quit watching this season.

She’s clearly jealous of Rachel because she’s a lot prettier than her. and projects her own trashy and slutty compulsions on her. Sorry, Brit, at least Rachel doesn’t look like some desperate sleaze that sucks off every dick in the trailer park so she can afford fake nails and lip gloss.

On a side note, Brendon is NOT ugly. You’re just jealous that he’s way more attractive and way more of a man than your hillbilly fiance. Seriously. Check out the picture above this entry. Apparently that whore’s lazy eye severely inhibits her vision, too. Suck on that. Nah, you’d enjoy that too much.

And for all the Britney fans out there, I think it would be in your best interest to not take every drug you find on the street.