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Omfg i about chocked on my spit when i saw her over in the corner in a ball, classic Rachel Reilly!

I am seriously so fucking excited for this. Omg.


The birth of Brenchel… and now they’re getting married! Congratulations Brendon and Rachel!

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Today she goes from “Vegas” to “Villegas”

CONGRATS YOU TWO!!! Cant wait to watch the wedding on TV <3

Rachel and Brendon are getting married today. So happy for them! :,)


It’s going to be extremely weird not having this two on my television this summer. 

I know. :(

I’m so fucking proud of Rachel and Brendon for making it to third place in The Amazing Race. That’s no small task and I couldn’t be prouder. Obviously, I wish they won, but third place is still awesome. At least Dave and Rachel won. They were the second team I wanted to get first place. I’m also very glad the douchebag butt buddies, Art and JJ, didn’t win shit. And for anyone who’s hating on Rachel and Brendon, make it to at least third and first place on TAR and BB respectively and then we’ll talk.

People who don’t like Rachel and Brendon are just pressed bitches who need to step off and make way for the Red Queen.

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Shut up, Daniele. Bow down to the fucking Red Queen.

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Brendon and Rachel are officially on The Amazing Race 20! My life is made.

Click the photo to see Brendon and Rachel’s start off interview.

Omfg! I can’t wait! :D


Brendon, Rachel, Jordan and Jeff at today’s meet and greet in Seattle!

I love them. <3

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Life after BB:

Rachel has been doing many interviews, and Brendon has been by her side.