But you can call me X.


I'm pretty much done with this site because Tumblr sucks. Bye.
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I need this shirt. Like now. It’s my life quote. Rachel Reilly is my Spirit Animal.


The birth of Brenchel… and now they’re getting married! Congratulations Brendon and Rachel!

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Today she goes from “Vegas” to “Villegas”

CONGRATS YOU TWO!!! Cant wait to watch the wedding on TV <3

Rachel and Brendon are getting married today. So happy for them! :,)

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This will always be glorious.

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Brendon and Rachel are officially on The Amazing Race 20! My life is made.

Click the photo to see Brendon and Rachel’s start off interview.


and anyone who says otherwise, is just jealous cause Dani or their fav HG didn’t win.

Got that right!

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October 16th, 1984

Love you, girl! <3